Saturday 27 June 2009

A world of rap

Am curious about rap for many reasons and whilst I love some of the more 'classical' mainstream rap like Run DMC, TheStreets, Eminem etc I always like to broaden my experiences. I have been looking for tips for non US/UK rappers so today I asked twitter and facebook and this is the combined response. Not a damn clue what they are saying though. Some gems here...

Cidinho & Doca - Rap das armas


Jahi featuring Nobody Beats The Beats (they're Danish not Jahi) - Radio Raheem

MC Solaar - Gangster Moderne
IAM - Petit Frere
Sian Supa Crew
Booba Pitbull, Game Over, Boulbi, Gun in Hand Feat. Akon

Fler - Deutscha Bad Boy, Ich bin deutscha, Neue Deutsche Welle & Mein Sound
Sido - Warum Bist Do So?, Carmen, Herz, Alpa Gun (featuring Fler)

Avi Mesika - Lemi Korim Ani
Shotei Hanevua
Hadag Nachash - Hene Ani Ba (Here I come)
Hatikva 6 - Gaidamak

Axum (ethopian israeli rap)
Teapacks - Push the Button (Eurovision 2007 Israeli entry)
Subliminal featuring Wycleaf Jean
, featuring Lior Farahi - Tizaher Mimena, Subliminal and the Shadow - Divide and Conquer [Eng Subs]

Teriaki boyz - Tokyo Drift
Afra and the incredible beat box

Latin American:
Kumbia Kings (from Texas US) featuring Ozomatli - Mi Gente

Molesta "Powrót", WWO - Moge wszystko & Tede - Glokk

Leningrad- Menedjer Ska

Daara J

K'naan Warsame

Emmanuel Jal


Anything to add?


  1. Dude, the streets aren't rap. The diff between hip hop and rap is huge. Start there :)

  2. Cheers, good point :) Will do :)

  3. Funnily enough (or not), Polish Hip Hop kicks ass!

    Check out Molesta, WWO, Tede... the list goes on. It is Hip Hop in its purist form, without looking to copy American artists.

    Something tells me Dutch Hip Hop could be quite good, based on nothing more than the shear quantity of weed thats available? Never actually heard any of it? Any opinions?

  4. Oh nice one...will have to check out some Polish hip hop now. Will update the post. As for your theory on dutch hip hop I am not sure there is a correlation. But will look up Dutch now as well...

  5. non-us hi-hop is far better than most of usa rubbish...MC Solaar is a french legend, as are Sian Supa Crew, then the likes Xplastah(Tanzania) and Daara J (Sengale) represent to new wave of African hip-hop (there's a very good Rough to African Hip-hop for the unitiatied). Unless Scott I would say the UK are definitely hip-hop a very uk slant on hip-hop...

  6. Superb Steve,fantastic leads...will check them out now...

  7. Hey Al, love the new blog. My hip hop and rap knowledge is low but I do love most of what I hear. Got a Eminem Relapse and a £15 iTunes voucher for my birthday so perhaps time to widen my collection....

  8. Cheers Andy, Eminem is great. Make sure you listen to The Eminem show. Very intelligent chap.

    Just flung this up in a rush yesterday (when you get the urge you gotta do it eh?) but will be moving to and possibly moving platform as well soon.

    It's been a long time since I blogged at all and I never just did it as me. Feels great :)

  9. I need to know why I am not on your link list love ;)

  10. Ariel Malki at 13:26 on 28 June
    in french you've got the sensation BOOBA !!!!!!!!

    Pitbull -
    Game Over - Read more
    Boulbi -
    Gun in Hand Feat. Akon -

    Robbie Williams en Francais.-

    Supreme ( Versione Francais ) -
    King of the Bongo ( Manu Chanu Cover ) French -

  11. you also have in german the rapper Sido with his songs :

    Warum Bist Do So? :
    Carmen :
    Herz : Read more

    now , Sido and the rapper from yesterday FLER together

    Alpa Gun :

    and falco's only rap song from the era when he died in 1998

    Out of the dark :

  12. Brazil -

    Cidinho & Doca - Rap das armas -

  13. Thanks Ariel, will add them now :)

  14. try typing into spotify

    genre:"Foreign Language Rap"

    plenty leads there to begin your investigations ...

  15. Oh that is a darn good fact...I am gonna create a spotify playlist of all this music in your this space :)