Tuesday 28 July 2009

The future of PR, no really!

Between Rubel & Solis the debate on the future of PR has been active for a good couple of years now but for me the above Conversation Prism image by Solis & co is well worth studying and the best thing to emerge yet.

It represents the skill set anyone involved in 'Future PR' needs to have in their toolbox. Engagement and discussion will be the battleground so if it ain't yet purple then as a business you need to invest in getting creative now. From the start. Not halfway through or at the end. Otherwise come the future you'll be left having to buy what your more creative competitors will be getting for free. And that is unlikely to be sustainable for any business.

Thanks to Diana Verde Nieto of Clownfish Marketing for hosting the event where Niku Banaie of Isobar introduced me to the image.

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