Tuesday 7 July 2009

Sacha Baron Cohen's next move?

Have been wondering for a while what Sacha Baron Cohen's next move might be. Having conquered the world with Ali G, Borat and most recently Bruno one might be tempted to imagine he will go for more of the same.

But I think we need to look at the King for inspiration as to Sacha Baron Cohen's next move. Andy Kaufman went far beyond character comedy and that's exactly where I predict Sacha Baron Cohen will go.

After pulling the wool over celebrities eyes who better to fool next than the general public themselves. I think we should expect significantly different performances designed to bring out the best and worst in us. The key to his getting away with it will be to select a character very off-piste and come from an angle we just would not expect. I expect we will not even realise its comedy at the start.

An interview with Sacha Baron Cohen recently implied he was motivated by politics. That's where my money is going.

Sacha Baron Cohen to spoof the general public as a politician, probably as himself. You heard it hear first.


  1. Well... could be genuine. Given he had at least one neighbour at college that's standing to be an MP next year.

  2. Fantastic point Neale...how's Hero?

  3. Just realised this article predicts Ali G's 'Indahouse' hahaha