Thursday 2 July 2009

Twitter Tips: My List of 'Lists of Lists'

I use twitter as you may know and the one great thing about twitter is that there is a plethora of helpful types only to happy to point you at even better ways to make use of twitter.

As the number of said tips grew it became logical to create lists of tips as you might expect. And as the number of lists of tips grew it became further logical to create lists of lists. Still with me? Now there are so many 'lists of lists' out there that I thought I would give you my contribution. A list of 'lists of lists' if you will...

The Ultimate Collection Of Twitter Tips in one seriously huge list by those nice people at Mashable.

10 Superb Social Media Presentations

Top 5 Twitter Lists

Top 10 Online PR Fails

10 Useful Twitter Presentations

Top 10 Twitter Apps

99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications

100 Twitter Tools To Help You Achieve All Your Goals

Ten Reasons Not To Follow People On Twitter

15 Tools Lists, Twitter Business & Social Life Resources

Top Twitter Tools

16 Bitchin Commands & Shortcuts for Twitter

Have I missed any?

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