Wednesday 15 July 2009

Who will be my #1sunday this week

Last Friday I tweeted:
Seems to me like #followfriday is winding down now as a what's next twitterati?
As if by design, and clearly proving that great minds think alike, my good green buddy Greensmith tweeted the following today:
Note To Twitter Users: Please Stop Doing #FollowFriday Tweets. Here's why: #fb
And I have to say, I agree with him. The value of follow memes i.e. #followfriday, #ecomonday and so on is eroded when over-used. I myself have been guilty of RTing when I've been included and have tired lately of playing along. At the start it was nice to be named. But recently the value to name or be named is almost non-existent really.

So I am going to do something new inspired by Carla's comments in Greensmith's article. Each sunday I am going to recommend just one tweeter for people to follow. I will not do it at any other time during the week. I will have only one recommendation a week. I will also include a reason why they have been chosen. That should keep it valuable for all involved.

The hashtag will be: #1sunday

Feel free to play along...

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