Thursday 13 August 2009

What's wrong with Death Squads?

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OK America you win. You caught us. The NHS is basically one big death squad. If you go to hospital here in the UK the first thing they do is remove your bling and any precious metal fillings. Then you are given a gown to wear (you know, the ones that leave your butt hanging out - how perverted is that???) and denied food and beverages. Then a 'doctor' or 'nurse' (failed doctor?) sees you and basically tells you your flaws. Then he (cos we don't allow women to be Doctors, and rightly so!) scratches his beard (COMMIE!) tuts a lot, looks you up and down, walks around you (Nice ass!), physically assaults you and finally tells you that sadly there is nothing that can be done and you need to consider your end-of-life options. And that's just if you are visiting somebody else!

For god's sake America, would you please get real! It's not called GREAT Britain for nothing. This is a great place to live most of the time and the NHS kicks ass most of the time. My wife had surgery recently that had complications and sure it's easy to try and blame people and the NHS but the complications were ultimately normal, pre-warned side effects that happen a lot with that type of surgery. She loves the NHS! Most people who have a problem with the NHS would want it improved not removed! It's not perfect but hey, it's free! Regardless of wealth in this country you can get medical care. You might call that Socialism and if you do then anybody who shows any care for others and altruism must be a goddamn pinko too. We are not Socialists here in the UK, far from it. We have a 'Left-wing' Labour party that is often more right wing than your own Republican party. We have more CCTV than you. We are tracked and monitored to death! Having free healthcare means one thing: there is a bottom line available even to those who cannot afford healthcare. Just ask your self what you would do if you lost your job and benefits and had no healthcare. I defy you for one day to pretend to have no healthcare and try and get treated like everybody else that does not have healthcare. If you then feel the same then clearly you need to asses your end of life options, and frankly, the sooner the better!

And if there is any doubt as to whether I love the NHS or not?

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