Saturday, 5 September 2009

Want free consultancy?

Those who know me know I can be a creative fire-starter and a great person to have round the table during a brainstorm. They know I can be tangential, ahead of various curves & 'out of the box' enough to come up with a killer angle. I am very good in some areas (digital, green, publishing etc) but generally good across the board.

So I thought it would be fun to start testing myself publicly, hence this offer of free help.

Why am I doing this?
I recognise that Seth Godin & Cluetrain are right: one must be a purple cow and one must be part of the conversation. By helping people for free I believe I am achieving both.

Want some?
Simply post a comment below outlining your idea. If your idea appeals to me I will get in touch, work it through with you (if it needs it) and write up the answer as a blog post. I would appreciate a response from you after that of course.

If I manage to do one a month that would be a good starting target. Others may help even if I don't. I won't be able to do this for everyone obviously but I'll do my best to help when and where I can.

Why do you have to publicly post your idea?
Well you need to be part of the conversation too. Plus by posting your idea publicly I hope you'll feel pressure to act on it before others do :) And if you don't act on it then why shouldn't someone else? Don't be so selfish ;)

Doors open folks, come on in!


  1. Wow what a great offer and quite in keeping with Zero-credit mission to make credit free living info widely available - it's a not for profit project. Been working on Zero-credit just over a year, just under £750 spent, and single handed content input. Have some ideas for widening the net and to end dodgy debt ads - would like a sounding board?

  2. Emma, sounds fabulous, right up my street. Sent you an email, let's chat!

  3. Always enjoy chatting on Twitter Al and wondered if you'd like to share some ideas. We are looking to make better use of our skills and go into business with ourselves, but have no idea where to start. And we've not really got anyone to discuss it with. Fancy a chat?

  4. Absolutely! Email me? I am to be found at with the username: altepper

  5. al - i need help promting woolly wally pockets to create living walls - any ideas?

    please refer to vertical gardens at

  6. Hi Garden Beet, sounds fascinating, wanna email me at with the username: altepper - look forward to hearing from you :)

  7. Hi Al,

    I had just sent you a note about being involved with the Eco-Rally this year after your fab assistance that year and then saw this on your profile page... We would LOVE some help on the social media/ digital side- we do not utilise this enough- we are rich in knowing clever people in sustainable transport/ energy stuff but someone who knows both (and then some!) would be amazing. Interested?!

    Alexecorally Hartley

  8. Hi Alex!

    Thanks for commenting and reaching out to me :) Let me have some background info and I will see what I can suggest.

    When is the event?
    Who is already signed up to drive?
    Any other core USPs?

    First random thought, why not ask the celeb drivers to have one passenger with them, randomly chosen from your email list thus incentivising people to sign up etc?

    Talk to me! I'm listening ;)



  9. Hi Al.

    A friend sent me a link to your 'cityhippy' site and I clearly had to come here! I'd like to hear your thoughts on how I can write blog posts for professional bloggers?


  10. Hi Razwana

    Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy :) I'd like to know mor about your question, and am sure I can me? altepper at gmail dot com?



  11. Selwyn, huh. Your parents were fans of Ezra Pound perhaps or are you distantly related to Selwyn Image?

    In any event. I'd love to brainstorm with you about how to provide greentech startups with services they need in a way that doesn't break their bank account.

  12. Hi Alex, my name is Sam and I run PricePie - an ethical organisation which encourages and enables companies to show their customers how much profit they make on the sale of each good/service. We've had quite a lot of interest so far and are about to launch our first service with our first customer, however I'd be interested to hear your comments. Thanks!

  13. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the invitation to input and I relish the chance to do so. Have had some thoughts and would like to email them to you. Email me and I shall email you back my thoughts :) altepper at

    Cheers, Namaste


  14. Following redundancy & a couple of false starts, I have set up a new business at to produce money-saving discount cards for people to use in their own home town as a way to help them through the current economic times. I need to appoint distributors across the UK. If you could view the site & come up with a strategy to help recruit distributors, that would be great.
    John Ridgwell,

  15. Hi John

    Many thanks for your comment. Alas I am unable to assist at this time due to a conflict of interest with an existing client.

    One tip though, what does a distributor get for their franchise fee? What are the benefits that money brings? Add as much value as possible. Sell that!

    All the best