Sunday 10 January 2010

My Top 4 ways to deal with Telemarketers

This morning, a Sunday morning I might add, fellow tweeter and digital guru Marshall Manson received an unsolicited telemarketing call. He tweeted thus:
Just received an unsolicited telemarketing call on my home line. Telemarketing on weekend mornings? Inappropriate and shameless. Go away. @MarshallManson
I feel his pain. However I totally love these calls. You see, I can be a bit of a phone prankster on occasion (blame it on The Jerky Boys) so I use these calls to play games back. We are on an unlisted number so if I get a home call at any time, let alone on a Sunday morning, I like to let rip with one of these beauties. Feel free to add your own suggestions below.

My Top 4 ways to deal with Telemarketers

#4 Safe but boring: How did you get my number, please remove me yada yada yada.

#3 The Mirror: Simply repeat everything they say until they hang up - requires a bit of time but very satisfying when they give in, and they will.

#2 Say yes to everything: like #3 requires time but the extra bonus of leading them on, on top of wasting their time gives an extra burst of happiness.

The all-time, fast, painless, effortless, 'making my point whilst ruining your day and scoring one for the good guys' is:

#1 The Jerry: Nuff said!

Got any to add?

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