Monday 26 April 2010

A very British revolution: Let it hang!

Please don't let the Tories & Labour scare you into voting for either of them just to avoid a hung parliament.

The Tories & Labour stand to lose most from a hung parliament. They say it's bad for Britain and the economy, that nothing will get done. Is this because:

a) Their MPs are so egotistical as to be unable to work with each other?
b) Their MPs are incapable of putting country before party? or
c) Their MPs could not agree compromises regarding the issues that matter?

Please vote for the party that matches your policies, even if they cannot win, even if others tell you it's a wasted vote. Even better, join that party and donate to it to help it reach more people.

NOTE: Do join the You're It! Facebook group by the way or search on Twitter for #youreit


  1. Thank you for this voice of reason, Al.
    As you say, "Vote for the party that matches your policies".
    Anything other than that is a wasted vote.
    Hang on a minute...
    Just VOTE!
    Anyone out there thinking they can't be bothered, hrmphhhhh!
    The only wasted vote is the one you don't cast.
    Not voting?
    Then you lose the right to whinge about the government for the next 4-5 years.
    PLEASE just vote!
    Soap box casually retires to the corner of the room ;-)

  2. Could not agree more CJ - just vote!

  3. Send them all home! That's what I say!