Saturday 19 March 2011

The worst song ever?

Yesterday Dan Whitworth of the BBC reported that the 'Worst Song Ever' has got 16,000,000+ views on YouTube.

A day later and it's pushing past 22,000,000+ views.

It's not the worst song ever. It's no prize winner but then lets face it, almost all the music we hear these days is processed tripe. In a race to the bottom this track hardly stands out as being significantly worse. It has a remotely catchy hook. I suspect it will do well. With the right PR campaign. Hmmm...oh damn, wait a minute, I've just PR'd it too...dagnabit!

Genius PR campaign!


  1. Mrs Chris has Duran Duran on telly singing live. Now that's the worst song ever. Damn, just did PR for Le Bon...

  2. Hehehe it's hard to see the machine for all the sausages ;)

  3. I have "The Most Must Be Ignored At All Cost" song.