Sunday 19 June 2011

The Al Tepper Show - episode 2

The second episode of the Al Tepper show, my twitter clip show editing the world as I saw it this week through the eyes of twitter. Enjoy :)

Featured tweets:

BRILLIANT! 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes (HT @frucool)!/altepper/status/82003907328483328

I liked a @YouTube video Hump Like Bunnies!/altepper/status/81105481782919168

"From a security perspective, if you're connected, you're screwed." --Daniel J. Bernstein, mathematician RT @esukop!/sznq/status/82016584977223680

You thought Susan Boyle was amazing. Check this out. From Korea's Got Talent via @antcohn!/altepper/status/82012968539258880

MUST WATCH "Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die" - & I still support the right to die...!/altepper/status/80746946591076352

Tweets that just didn't make the cut this time round:

HA! [This is doing the rounds.] Nice group photo, oh, wait...

The women drivers in Saudi Arabia are heroines - Rosa Parks to a woman. Saudi Arabia should be ashamed of its sexism.!/LouiseMensch/status/82139484942114816

SHIZ! RT @xenijardin: RT @BoingBoing: Lulzsec scalps CIA

Tweet from me: Everyone on Twitter needs to see and support this fab little man on his mission - Go! RT! Spread the word!

Quote from me: "It's no longer enough to just get my attention, you have to deserve holding it when I get there...and that requires depth."

HA! FTW! SPECTACULAR #FAIL - Guy tells 'Dalai Lama' joke to the, er, Dalai Lama, and he doesn't get it -

How NOT to do a video for a dating website! HT (@daren140 @CarolVerity) #IThinkSheLovesCats

What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds

HA! Zombie fans invade 'unprepared' Leicester -

HA! RT @charlesarthur: Fatal error: SUMMER failed to load: out of drought. Try removing the WIMBLEDON module and rebooting.

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