Wednesday 15 June 2011

Me Me Me - My Press Page

I figured I needed a page where I draw together, with the most recent first, all the press I have been lucky enough to get over the years. Enjoy :)

Recently had my thoughts about the impact of Google + published on the Real Business website.

I am honoured to have been interviewed by the Guardian & Business Week in my capacity as a green blogger.

Additionally I have been on a few publishing industry panels and have been published in relation to my digital publishing knowledge on both the AOP site and in New Media Age to name a crucial two.


  1. Al has an incredibly dynamic mind, is a deep thinker and quite simply one of the best presenters I have ever seen- (and I've seen a few good 'uns!) James Wheatcroft

  2. Can you make this page any narrower?

  3. James, what kind words :) Thanks mate :)

    George, I possibly could, Does it need to be wider? The human eye tracks approx 7 words in a row comfortably hence the existence of newspaper columns etc. Thoughts?