Thursday 16 February 2012

A message to Arsenal fans

Dear Gooners, despite the years of abuse from some of you, I shall not mock any of you. I too have felt the sting of the pain you felt tonight, the knowledge of the cold winter ahead, the knowledge that blood must be let to cleanse what is rotten. I know the despair you feel to see something you love turn old and withered, disrespected and belittled. I know that only with death can there be new life. For now it is our turn to enjoy the sun and whilst you shiver out in the cold I know that these things come and go, that one day it will again be our turn to be cold. So I offer you only the warmth of a fellow footie fan in the knowledge that it's the football I love, not your suffering. You will be great again I;m sure. I only hope you will reciprocate when the seasons shift once again and I find myself outside shivering. Perhaps then we can move beyond this immature bullshit and can all just enjoy the skill of the game we love without the tribal need to conquer each other. Al

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