Saturday 19 May 2012

Who owns my wall? Social media: Personal or public space?

There is a growing problem with bullying on social networks and as the father of an almost 7 year old son I am aware that in the next 5 or so years (or less I suppose) this matter may raise it's head in my world.

It is important for me to help my son understand that tolerance and respect for other opinions is healthy and vital but when it comes to people trolling / sledging / bullying him etc on his facebook wall, personal blog, tweetstream and so on, presumably we'd accept he has control to remove such material from his own personal spaces without fear of being accused of censorship.

So the question for discussion and exploration is as follows:

Do I 'own/control' my social media instance (facebook wall, tweetstream, personal blog etc) or are they public space and so subject to the normal rules of public space?

Please do share this and help fuel the debate. Curious to hear thoughts on this. I suspect it's an issue that's going to get bigger and more of an issue over the next few years, for all of us. Parents and otherwise.

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